December 10, 2002

Love is blind, we like to say, but no; Love is not blind. The ego is blind. All it can see is itself. But Love is not blind. Love is pure vision! God, seeing through us! The more we allow God to see through us, the more we will notice a great healing taking place in our world.

-- Macrina Wiederkehr

The pure in heart see all things full of God.

-- Henri Nouwen

The life-blood of the Church is prayer for one another, and the adoration of the King is its vital breath.

-- Alexei Khomiakov

As long as Christ remains outside of us, and we are separated from Him, all that He has suffered and done for the salvation of the human race remains useless and of no value to us.

-- John Calvin

When God's children stumble and fall, He does not scold them, but scoops them up and comforts them.

-- Brennan Manning

Listen to God in silence when you have spoken to Him, for He speaks in His turn during prayer.

-- Jean Pierre de Caussade

The hearer par excellence is the Virgin, who becomes pregnant with the Word and bears it as her Son and the Father's. As for herself, even as mother she remains a handmaid; the Father alone is the Lord, together with the Son who is her life and fashions it. She is the product of Him who is the fruit of her womb. She still carries Him within herself, even after she has given birth to Him; to find Him, all she has to do is to look into her heart, which is full of Him.

-- Hans Urs von Balthasar

Listen to the angel's song, all you who have a troubled heart. "I bring you good tidings of great joy!" Never let the thought cross your mind that Christ is angry with you! He did not come to condemn you. If you want to define Christ rightly, then pay heed to how the angel defines Him, namely, "A great joy!"

-- Martin Luther

Silence is an inner "space" where we are able to experience the presence of God. He is love and He speaks to us at all times in the single Word, Jesus Christ.

-- George Maloney

Peace is the result of the indwelling of the living Christ. Peace is not only a gift of Christ, it is Christ Himself living His life in us through the Holy Spirit -- His presence in our hearts and minds. It is abiding in Christ and allowing Him to abide in us.

-- Lloyd John Ogilvie

We contemplate Christ in silence, and then we go out and look for Him in disguise.

-- Mother Teresa

True prayer brings us to the edge of a great mystery where we become inarticulate, where our knowledge fails.

-- Parker Palmer

May the Son of God, who is already formed in you, grow in you so that for you He will become immeasurable, and that in you He will become laughter, exultation, and the fullness of joy which no one will take from you.

-- Isaac of Stella

Children always challenge me to live in the present. I marvel at their ability to be fully present to me. Their uninhibited expression of affection and their willingness to receive it pull me directly into the moment and invite me to celebrate life where it is found. Whereas in the past coming home meant time to study, to write letters, and to prepare for classes, it now first of all means time to play.

-- Henri Nouwen

If we are designed to be in communion with God, if God is our Lover, then we have to indulge in the things that lovers do. The lover wishes always to be in the loved one's presence, and to gaze and to hold. The name for this loving regard is contemplation.

-- Alan Jones