February 16, 2009
Julian Meditations

February, 2009

The Overflowing Fountain

by William Law

THIS IS THE AMIABLE nature of God: he is the good, the unchangeable, overflowing fountain of good that sends forth nothing but good to all eternity. He is the Love itself, the unmixed, unmeasurable Love, doing nothing but from love, giving nothing but gifts of love to everything that he has made; requiring nothing of his creatures but the spirit and fruits of that love which brought them into being.

Oh, how sweet is this contemplation of the height and depth of the riches of Divine Love!

With what attraction must it draw every thoughtful person to return love for love to this overflowing fountain of boundless goodness!

What charms has that religion which discovers to us our existence in, relation to, and dependence upon this ocean of Divine Love! View every part of our redemption, from Adam's first sin to the resurrection of the dead, and you will find nothing but successive mysteries of that first love which created angels and people. All the mysteries of the Gospel are only so many marks and proofs of God's desiring to make his love triumph.

Taken from The Way to Divine Knowledge by William Law, circa 1730, publisher unknown.