Dedicated to an expanding awareness of God's mystery,
which is Christ in you.

Welcome to the official web site of Union Life magazine. Continuing the work of Union Life, we are "dedicated to an expanding awareness of God's mystery, which is Christ in you." We encourage people everywhere to see themselves as the beloved of God, and to see that the Trinity is accessible to them at all times.

Through the simple practice of the prayer of silence, anyone who is seeking intimacy with the creator God can come into His presence at any time and rest there. Out of this simple, trusting act will come an awareness of one's belovedness, a new way of seeing, and the gradual healing of one's soul.

Through this site you can download articles, order books and keep up with our current "quiet retreat" schedule. You can reach us by emailing us at is the official web site of Union Life magazine.

Statement of Purpose
We believe that as a person becomes increasingly aware of "the mystery once hidden but now made manifest...which is Christ in you, the hope of glory," they will see that the purpose of their life is for union with God, and that that union is for communion with God.

Therefore, we of Union Life are dedicated to sharing our expanding awareness of this mystery with all whose hearts long for God. 

The outgrowth of this revelation will ultimately manifest fruit in the form of a life lived for others, a gentleness towards all life -- human as well as the natural world around us -- and a great compassion for all in their search for God.

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